Council approves ordinances to permit West End indoor shooting range

City council unanimously approved three ordinances needed to permit a proposed indoor shooting range in the city’s West End during Monday’s meeting.

The first ordinance pertained to prohibited acts at the indoor shooting range such as drinking, drug use and irresponsible shooting.

The second ordinance established prerequisites of obtaining a business license for the range. These prerequisites include meeting nationally recognized safety standards, minimum liability insurance coverage and rules preventing anyone under the age of 18 from shooting without being accompanied by an adult.

The final ordinance defined indoor gun ranges as special permitted uses, which require a public hearing in the highway commercial district and industrial zone district.

Councilman Bill Rosenberger sponsored the three ordinances and said he was excited to break the ground on the project.

“I just really want to thank this council for supporting this,” Rosenberger said. “This is a huge amount of economic development in West Huntington and Commerce Park.”

Council also unanimously approved an ordinance to rebuild a water filter press at the wastewater treatment plant, as well as an ordinance to renew the Cityworks update and support agreement.

A resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a lease agreement with the City of Huntington Foundation was adopted.

The next city council meeting will be March 14 at 7:30 p.m. in City Council Chambers.

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