Spread the love for Love A Donor Day

The third annual Love A Donor Day will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday in the Memorial Student Center lobby.

Students who have received scholarships can write thank you letters to their donors, but program director of scholarships and donor relations, Krystle Davis said all students can participate.

Davis said there will be a heart wall this year students can sign to thank donors who have donated to buildings on campus, programs in specific areas, study abroad programs, competition expenses, library access and supplies in the classroom to name a few.

Davis said the donors enjoy hearing from students. Davis also said sometimes donors and students can form lasting relationships through a thank you letter.

“Some of the best phone calls we get are when donors say ‘You know, I just got this really great thank you letter from a student,’” Davis said. “And oftentimes, and we hope the students realize this, that the donors not only want to give because they want to help a student, but they give because they were once a student too.”

Davis said donors are more apt to continue giving to students if they hear from students they are supporting.

“We share as many of the stories that we can and not only the folks who receive those letters, but also the folks that see our marketing, see our Facebook page, see our website, hear about students and hear that they’re thankful at Marshall,” Davis said. “And so someone who doesn’t necessarily have a scholarship here already might establish one because they hear that the students here need it, are really utilizing it and are becoming successful because of the dollars that they receive.”

During Love A Donor Day there will be free hot chocolate and coffee as well as free candy and class pins. Students can write thank you letters to specific donors, take photos with gratitude messages and sign the heart wall.

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