HCSA Steering Committee reaches out

The Honors College Student Association Steering Committee is  in the process of planning new programs for the Honors College this semester.

The Steering Committee is in charge of organizing an academic event, a social event and a service event for the Honors College each semester.

Steering Committee president and communication disorders major, McKayla Burgess said the committee decided to do the Honors College picnic in the spring as their social event at their first meeting on Jan. 14. The picnic is usually the committee’s most attended event.

Burgess said the committee tries to organize events that will interest Honors College students.

“In the past we’ve done graduate school panels because a lot of our Honors College students do go onto further education and it’s just basically what we think they would be interested in and what would help them the most,” Burgess said.

Burgess said she always likes the service event because it is a way to get out in the community.

“I remember last year for our service event we did cards and teddy bears for kids in the hospital,” Burgess said. “And then we went and distributed those and it was just the best experience. I mean, you felt like you were doing something that mattered.” 

Steering Committee member and communication disorders major, Heidi Dennison said she is also most excited for the community service event this semester.

“I like helping out in the community and it just gets your mind off of school,” Dennison said.

Dr. Susan Gilpin is the faculty advisor for the Steering Committee and the associate dean of the Honors College. Gilpin said part of the mission of the Honors College is to develop leadership and service and the HCSA Steering Committee is a way to practice that mission.

Gilpin said her favorite program the Steering Committee does is the Honors College picnic in the spring, which has become tradition for the Honors College. Gilpin said it is outdoors and celebratory and it’s always fun for students and faculty to intermingle.

Gilpin said she also enjoyed the Yoga and Chocolate event the Steering Committee organized last semester.

“I think it’s important for us to also keep in mind that our responsibility is to take care of ourselves and each other,” Gilpin said. “And so some program that deals with wellness in some way I think is important, too.”

Gilpin said she would like to see more programs for Honors students that deal with wellness.

The Steering Committee is currently going to help with a program about the Syrian refugee crisis in Willis Hall on Jan. 28 at 8 p.m.

Burgess said the Honors College has a Twitter, a Facebook and an Instagram page if anyone wishes to keep up with the Honors College and the Steering Committee.

Amanda Gibson can be contacted at [email protected]