Jordan Andrew Jefferson, Of The Dell continue Black Sheep residency


Kelsie Tyson

Of The Dell members Cody Hatton, CJ Davis, Corey Hatton and Issac Hodges will continue their performances at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews.


Huntington soft-rock singer-songwriter Jordan Andrew Jefferson and locals Of The Dell will continue their monthly double bill shows at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews Thursday night.

“It’s been great,” Jefferson said. “It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to do this. It’s challenging as an artist to not become repetitive. It’s great because Black Sheep is a wonderful place to play and there’s always a diverse crowd. Young folks and mature folks and everyone in-between. They’re always delightful and attentive and I enjoy sharing the experience with my friends in Of The Dell.”

“People enjoy it,” Corey Hatton, rhythm guitarist and vocalist for Of The Dell said. “Usually it’s different people. We’ve had people from Portsmouth come in.  One month we had the class of 1964 for their high school reunion. It’s like a giant melting pot. We also get a lot of Jordan Andrew Jefferson’s fans.”

“Because of the location of Black Sheep and appeal of the menu and the bar, you’re not worried because there’s always going to be someone there,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson’s latest release is called “White Light” and marks the first single from his forthcoming album “The Only Way Out Is In.” Jefferson said he plans to organize a show that goes along with the album’s release.

“The Only Way Out Is In” was produced by Eddie Ashworth in his Coolville Ridge, Ohio recording studio. Ashworth is no stranger to the West Virginia music scene, having participated in a panel on the subject in June 2015 during FestivALL in Charleston. Ashworth has worked with Charleston band Qiet and musician Jeff Ellis.

“It was a beautiful retreat for creating and getting lost and coming up with new sounds,” Jefferson said. “Any hour of the night we probably did solos and vocal overdubs. That work at your own convenience is not so much setting up a session and having set hours, we can leave and come back to it. That accommodation, that freedom makes the record sound better. It sounds natural when you do that.”

Jefferson will perform before Of The Dell, a rock quartet known for its British invasion-esque throwback sound.

“We’re going to play a majority of original songs,” Hatton said. “We’re up to roughly 13 original songs. We’re going to put out a single that should be out in about a month.”

Hatton is known publically for his lack of fear of tobacco products, his admiration of British pop-duo, Pete and Gordon, as well as being barred from Pullman Square and Twitter.

Jordan Andrew Jefferson and Of The Dell perform at Black Sheep the fourth Wednesday of every month.

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