Grown Ass Folks continues the Promtober party


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DJ Jesse Clark plaus music at the V-Club, a music venue located at 741 6th Avenue.


For the October installment of the Grown Ass Folks series, DJ Jesse Clark has teamed up with Jess “Feminasty” Hurst’s fourth annual Promtober event series for a Saturday party at Huntington’s V-Club.

“I’ve been a DJ for around 21-22 years,” Clark said. “I started doing this party called Grown Ass Folks, kind of an outlet for the house music I’d been getting into. Also things that have been influenced by disco and funk. I’ve kept on trying to make it evolve in different ways, adding visuals, bringing in guest DJ’s from all over the United States. It’s continued to grow.”

Clark estimates 30-40 people attended the first show, but now Clark saide he thinks Grown Ass Folks regularly draws 250-450 people per show.

“It tends to be a great night,” Clark said. “It offers an option for people to dance we don’t really have in Huntington. This, you can go out and dance and enjoy yourself. Most of the people there are dancing because they love to dance.”

The event is the second of four parties planned for Promtober, which kicked off on Oct. 2. Hurst said the series started after brainstorming what type of events she could host in October.

“We were sitting around and thinking about what we could do,” Hurst said. “We thought something fun to have would be a prom, like everybody dresses up. Someone else said ‘What if we had four proms? Like what if we had a party every weekend in October?’ We thought ‘that’s crazy, let’s do it.’”

“There’s going to be some people that are dressed up,” Clark said. “Usually it’s like a prom vibe, but it’s not a requirement by any means. You can dress down, you can dress up and you can have a blast.”

“Like what if we had a party every weekend in October?’ We thought ‘that’s crazy, let’s do it.’””

— Jess Hurst

Clark said people can expect a wide array of sounds.

“Most of it revolves around either edits of disco tracks, house music with disco influences or straight up house music. A lot of the stuff I play probably falls into more of the deep house vibe. Definitely has live instrumentation involved. I do play some stuff that’s fairly synthetic as well.”

Hurst said her set has a sound that depends on the type of event.

“For Saturday, my goal is to play music that’s similar to Jesse without being a carbon copy. So I’m looking for things that have a neo-house vibe that are laid back and mellow to warm things up on the floor for him.”

Promtober events continue each weekend this month besides Halloween weekend, which “has been left open to allow party and bar hopping for the actual holiday.”

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