President hosts Open House featuring Marshall INTO program

The office of the University President hosted Marshall University INTO employees at 3:00 p.m. for yesterdays Presidential Open House Reception.

Interim President Gary White hosts an open house every 1st Wednesday of every month during the school year. Each month sponsors a specific organization on campus.

White said the initiative for the open house was to get to know students and staff better and also to let people talk about things that they have done or problems they are having.

“We can’t fix a problem that we don’t know about,” White said. “Nor can we give recognition to something we don’t know about.”

The reception is open to any and all discussion with White and his staff or student government associates. The featured organization for each month also has several personnel to speak to.

Yesterday’s open house featured the INTO program where INTO faculty discussed their initiatives for this year.

The reception is open to all faculty, staff, students and public.

Ginny Painter, Senior Vice President for Communications and Marketing at Marshall University, said the event is meant to be a low-key way to speak to these offices.

“You can just stroll up to the president,” Painter said. “It’s also a chance to talk to student government in an informal way.”

White said that students have been the largest percentage at each open house. Students have given positive feedback on the initiative.

“I think it really let’s people know what’s going on in different areas of Marshall.””

— Amber Govey

“I think it really let’s people know what’s going on in different areas of Marshall,” said Junior communications disorders major, Amber Govey. “It lets everyone stay connected and up to date.”

The open house receptions started during White’s first few months in office. White said he feels the event has been successful but he hopes it will grow.

“I’m a little disappointed that folks have not taken advantage of the opportunity,” White said. “I expected to see more members of the faculty and of the staff.”

White also included that the open house has made various changes on campus from creating initiatives that were brought up at open houses.

The next open house reception will be the 1st Wednesday of Nov. The featured organization for the event has not been decided.

Ashley Sodosky can be contacted at [email protected].