The beauty of the news is that it is always changing. We are always learning and disseminating new information, and the way we disseminate that information is constantly changing as well.
In today’s world of journalism, we need to know not only how to put together a story, but what means we need to get that story out in the most impactful way possible and how to write for that medium.
Serious breaking news may require live tweeting, and a journalist has to be able to make that call and then they have to be able to compose a newsworthy tweet and get it out to readers.
There might be times when coverage would lend itself well to a Snapchat or a Periscope video. And still there are times when all you need is a traditional news story, but those old school write ups can always be enhanced by modern technology and means of delivery.
The news is on Twitter. The news is on Facebook. Face it, whether you think you do or not, you’re probably engaging with the news.
Tuesday was News Engagement Day, celebrated by news media across the country and the goal was to get people engaged, but if we’re honest people are probably engaging with the news whether they want to or not because they are being bombarded with it on social media.
The news isn’t dying. This  is the new-age of news. We are changing the way we get the information to you, so you can be engaged, so you can get the latest headlines on your time and on the medium that works for you.
If you’re into the old-fashioned print newspaper with your coffee in the morning, we’ve got that. If  you like to scroll through the news as it’s happening in real time on Twitter, we have that too.
If you want to get the news straight to your email inbox every day, we have you covered.
The point is, we just want you to know what’s happening in the news. Informed citizens make for a better society, and we really appreciate it when you go the extra mile and engage with the news by doing more than reading, watching and listening. Share it. Retweet it. Respond with a letter to the editor.
We not only want you to read the news, but we want you to become involved in it–story ideas, letters to the editor, even Facebook comments get you engaged with the news.