Maidina Mulati

Maidina Mulati is a Chinese INTO student perusing a masters degree in Environmental Engineering. Mulati previously earned a bachelor’s degree for Science and Engineering in China at the Harbin Institute of Technology. Mulati has been in America for nearly 2 years and didn’t originally intend to study abroad. She made her decision late in her college career and chose Marshall as a fan of the film, We Are Marshall and because of the resources Marshall’s INTO program offers students. After graduating, Mulati would like to find a job in the United States and gain experience before going back to China. In her free time, Mulati enjoys hiking, doing aerobics and Zumba and baking banana walnut bread for her friends.


Q: How long have you been in America?
A: This is my second year. I came to the United States last year, January 1, so almost two years now.

Q: How have you adapted to America so far? What are some differences you’ve noticed?

A: Mostly, it’s food. For all international people, I think food is the main reason. And the people are really different. The first thing that surprised me when I came to America was, when walking down the street, people were smiling at me for no reason. In China we don’t do that kind of thing. It’s kind of weird and people say you have mental problems or something like that. The first time I felt uncomfortable, like “Why are these people smiling at me.” But now I’ve gotten used to it and I like it.

Q: How and why did you choose to come to Marshall?

A: The main reason is because of the INTO program. I didn’t plan to go abroad until I was in my last year of college. I was thinking to find a job in China or something like that. So I didn’t prepare anything for an English program. The INTO program had really good resources for [going abroad]. I knew Marshall before because of the movie, because I’m a big fan of Matthew [McConaughey], so I had watched that movie before.

Q: What do you plan to do after you graduate?

A: I’m thinking to try to find a job here. I mean, that’s good for me. If I have abroad work experience, it will help me to find a great job in China when I go back. Abroad experience is different. We have different skills and technology [here] than we do back home. I want to find a job here, get some work experience, and then go back.

Q: How have you managed to keep in touch with your family?

A: Usually we do chats everyday. We have an app called WeChat. You can do video chat or voice chat with anyone who uses that. We are doing that almost everyday, chatting with my family and friends.

Q: What are some hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?

A: I like hiking. It’s my favorite thing. And I do like to work out, but not like American-style. I like to do aerobic exercise and Zumba. But after I came to America, I have a new hobby: baking. I like baking now. Mainly I can bake banana walnut bread. I can do a really good — I mean, I think — banana walnut bread. My friends say “That’s really good. Where did you buy it?” and I say “I baked it!”

Q: Is there anything else that you think people should know about you?

A: My friends always say I have a strong personality. So they’re saying look at everything in a positive way. And I’m Muslim, but I don’t look Muslim, I know. I was born in a Muslim family. And that’s all, I guess.