SGA Passes New Bills and Gains New Members

The Student Government Association is kicking off the school year with new bills, new Senate positions and new ideas.

The SGA Senate met Tuesday, Sept. 8 for the second Senate meeting of the semester. Two bills were passed and more new positions were settled on during this meeting.

Funding bills were passed for Accounting Fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi and the Marshall University Parks and Recreation Organization (MU PROS).

Rachel Rohrbach was elected and approved as the Campus Life and Service committee chairwoman on Tuesday’s meeting. Rohrbach will be focusing on campus life and ensuring that there are no problems on campus. Rohrbach will also focus on planning events on campus.

Christina Lute, Nguyen Thai and Laura Walker were sworn in as Marshall Senators. Student, Marcus Dudley, was sworn in as Senator Apprentice.

“Being a sophomore, I was not expecting the position, but I am really honored that they thought I was able to do the job.”

— Alex O'Donnell

Student Body Vice President, Izzy Rogner, said she is excited to see the student body engaging and showing interest in SGA and becoming involved on campus.

“The senate has a lot of people applying, over 20, so we are pumped for that,” Rogner said.

Sophomore Alex O’Donnell, the new President Pro Tempore, said he was excited about this semester and his new position.

“Being a sophomore, I was not expecting the position, but I am really honored that they thought I was able to do the job,” O’Donnell said. “I’m really hoping to show them I can do it quite well and make it efficient and make Senate have an impact on campus.”

Focusing on transgender rights were a topic that will be strongly focused on this session by the SGA. O’Donnell said he personally is going to start talking to transgender students on campus and move on to make rules and regulations for what they would like to see on campus.

There have been discussions going on about library hours. The SGA believes answers will be given regarding the changes in library hours.

The SGA hopes to continue to grow this semester and keep advancing the university.

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