New Year, New Elections

Senate meetings are underway for the 2015-2016 school year with the Student Government Association.

Tuesday, September 1 was the first Senate meeting of the school year and the second meeting of Senate session 73. There were two nominees to present to the Senate for Press Secretary and Chief of Staff. There was also a nomination for President Pro Tempore.

Barkley Castro was picked as Press Secretary and Cody Hatten was chosen as Chief of Staff. The Judiciary committee and the Senate approved both positions.

Hatten had to resign as President Pro-Tempore in order to become Chief of Staff. Many of those in attendance competed for the position. Each candidate gave a speech and Alex O’Donnell came out on top.

“He gave an awesome speech and really showed that he was so deserving of the position.”

— Izzy Rogner

Izzy Rogner was thrilled with the new position and explained that said she could not have been more excited for O’Donnell.

“He gave an awesome speech and really showed that he was so deserving of the position,” says Rogner.

Duncan Waugaman was unable to attend this Senate meeting and won’t be able to attend future meetings due to his capstone course. Waugaman explained that the first meeting was mainly to bring everyone back together and get started with elections in order to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

“I am very excited for all these new senators to come in,” said Waugaman. “Any success that Izzy and myself and the executives have all comes from the hard work of the senators and the Legislative Branch, so I’m really excited to get to work with them and start the new school year.”

No bills went through during this meeting and no new Senate seats are available. Next week Senate members are hoping to continue business in their next meeting.

Cadi Duplaga can be contacted at [email protected]