Kicking Off Football Season with Green Fridays


Marshall University and Herd fans will wear school colors on Fridays starting Sept. 4 for “Green Fridays” in participation with the 10th annual National College Colors Day.

Marshall students and Herd fans are encouraged to wear green every Friday throughout football season. The first Green Friday will start two days before the Thundering Herd’s season kickoff game against Purdue.

Thundering Herd fans across the nation are encouraged to wear Marshall colors to support the University. Tara Lambert, Marshall University graduate, is excited to support Marshall University from her new home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Wearing the Marshall logo makes me feel at home, although I’m away from home here in Raleigh.” said Lambert. “When you come across another Marshall fan here it’s exciting and special, in that you both share in the passion of loving such a small place that made such a huge impact on our lives.”

College Colors Day is organized by the Collegiate Licensing Company and coincides with the kickoff of intercollegiate athletics. Marshall’s participation this Friday is a tradition that encourages members of the Marshall community to support the Thundering Herd.

“Wearing the Marshall logo makes me feel at home, although I’m away from home here in Raleigh.””

— Tara Lambert

In addition to Green Fridays, the university will hold a contest for local businesses, schools and other organizations to participate in for the opportunity to win prizes every Friday. Organizations must be registered in order to win. Registration is available on Marshall’s website.

Students and individual fans also have the opportunity to win prizes by entering the Fan of the Week contest. Herd fans are eligible by posting a photo of themselves in their Marshall gear on Instagram using the hashtag #HerdGreenFriday or by submitting it to the contest page on Marshall’s Facebook.

Fan of the Week will be chosen every Friday and the winner will receive a $25 gift card to the Marshall University bookstore.

Green Fridays and Fan of the Week are intended to support school spirit around the community. Mallory Jarrell, Marshall University marketing and branding coordinator, said the ongoing event will help to get people excited all season.

“It’s another way to get people involved and excited about the University.” said Jarrell.

Those who want more information about College Colors Day, Green Fridays or this season’s contests can contact Jarrell at [email protected].

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