Live broadcast of Bernie Sander’s income inequality speech on Marshall campus

West Virginia For Bernie Sanders organized a live broadcast of the democratic candidate Wednesday in Drinko Library.

West Virginia For Bernie Sanders is a grassroots campaign to help elect Sanders which launched on April 30. The broadcast was titled “Addressing Income Inequality in America: Bernie Sanders and the Race for the White House.”

The event brought the issues to Marshall University students, faculty, staff and Huntington community members who might not otherwise have access to live political information.

Sophomore Alex O’Donnell attended the event to show his support for Sanders as a candidate.

“I’ve been a major Bernie supporter for a long time, way before he ever announced his candidacy,” O’Donnell said. “When he decided to run, I was elated. Coming to [Wednesday’s] event was the logical next step; I want him to succeed, especially in West Virginia, and this event will definitely help him in that mission.”

O’Donnell also noted the importance of events like the one Wednesday evening in opening a forum for politically minded people to discuss their ideas.

“The people who came were from many different backgrounds — union workers, people on Social Security, college students — the combination of these backgrounds allowed for everyone to grasp a new perspective on why our country needs to change, and why Bernie Sanders is the right guy to make these changes,” O’Donnell said.

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