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Thrift shopping is a way to look good on the cheap

Jessica Hutchinson wears an outfit comprised of only thrifted clothing items.

Karima Neghmouche

Jessica Hutchinson wears an outfit comprised of only thrifted clothing items.

Thrift shopping isn’t a new trend, but Marshall University students said it is a great way to find some old ones.

Marshall student Jessica Hutchinson said she has been thrift shopping for years, and often shops at Goodwill.

“I’ve been thrift shopping regularly since I have been old enough to shop for my own clothes,” Hutchinson said. “It helps me save a lot of money, so I can splurge on something else. Plus, it’s so much fun. It’s like a treasure hunt.”

Marshall student Krista Black said thrift shopping is better than going to the mall and buying the same clothes everyone is wearing.

“Thrift shopping gives you a more eclectic variety of items as compared to chain stores where there’s copies of each item,” Black said. “Thrift store items are more interesting because they’re all different, and they all have their own little bit of history.”

Hutchinson said she found some of her favorite pieces at Goodwill.

“I have found some incredible pieces at Goodwill,” Hutchinson said. “I found a vintage Patagonia fleece at the Milton Goodwill once, and today I found an amazing black Calvin Klein dress. In high school, I got my winter formal dress at Goodwill. I find Ralph Lauren tops all the time.”

Thrift shops also have records, art, household appliances, DVDs and books.

“I have been thrift shopping since middle school because I was all about ‘80s fashion as a kid,” Hutchinson said. “I was always looking for oversized windbreakers and ugly, colorful sweaters. Then, in high school I went on an ugly Christmas sweater kick and found enough at thrift shops to wear a different one every day in December. Luckily, my style has changed since then, but it just proves that thrift shops have something for everyone’s style.”

Thrift shopping is a way to get expensive items at a fraction of the cost.

Hutchinson said there are tips to bargain shopping.

“Look for pieces that look expensive,” Hutchinson said. “Find the name brands and scoop them up. Always try things on before you buy them since there are no refunds. Save on things you won’t wear every day, like a blouse and splurge on things you will use everyday, like a bag or shoes.”

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