Thundering Word performs in showcase

Marshall University’s Thundering Word speech and debate team performed in a showcase Friday at Corbly Hall.
Members performed for their home crowd in preparation for the National Forensic Association National Tournament Wednesday at Ohio University.
Thundering Word coach Danny Ray introduced the team. Ray said he wanted to show the public what the team is all about.
“We want to give the public some idea of what we are doing on the speech and debate team,” Ray said. “I’m hoping everyone will see that this is a very valuable thing that we provide for them in their education.”
The showcase included performances of prose, poetry, persuasive and informative speech, rhetorical criticism and dramatic duo.
The event opened with a program of poetry, “Did Adam Rape Eve,” performed by Alyssa Hager, a national finalist in persuasive speaking.
“The Adam and Eve performance was really powerful,” said Marshall sophomore Chloe Holley. “I really liked the piece about the blind woman trying to raise her children, too. The women had great performances.”
Thundering Word is considered a small team, with seven members performing in the showcase. Senior member DeVan Sample said the team has prepared for the event and the national competition that will follow.
“All of us have been working all year on these events,” Sample said. “We hope they do well when we go to the nationals. We’re really proud of them and hope that everyone enjoys them.”
The showcase closed with a persuasive speech, “Bridging the Gap: Ending Police Discrimination Against the Deaf Community,” performed by Victoria Ledford, national championship debate speaker.
Ledford encouraged the audience during her performance to make a difference in the deaf community by learning sign language.
The event doubled as a fundraiser for hygiene products, with proceeds benefiting the Huntington City Mission.
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