American Red Cross returns to Marshall for spring blood drive

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The American Red Cross is having a blood drive 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday in the basement of the Marshall University Memorial Student Center.
Winter storms have affected the amount of blood supply the Red Cross has for patients because of blood drive cancelations.
According to a press release, Carolyn Kean, chief executive officer for the Greater Alleghenies Blood Services Region, said blood donors are a big help when there is severe weather.
“It is the blood products already on the shelves that help save lives when severe weather hits, and thanks to our generous Red Cross blood and platelet donors, blood products were available for patients who still needed transfusions despite the weather,” Kean said.
The America Red Cross accepts blood donations of all types, but is especially in need of types O negative, B negative and A negative.
“I participate in the blood drives at Marshall University because I know there is a chance of saving someone’s life, and that is a beautiful thing,” Communication studies major Derrick Law said.
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