New Music Festival

Kravchek concludes sixth annual festival Sunday

The Sixth Annual New Music Festival concluded Sunday with a concerti for oboe performed by Richard Kravchak, director of music and theater at Marshall University.

Kravchak said he thought this year’s festival improved from previous years and has hopes to expand the festival next year.

“It’s better because we had an orchestra this year, and I think that was really exciting. I’m looking forward to expanding the festival even more.

A flute ensemble began the concert Sunday. Kravchak then performed with an orchestra featuring a piece by Mark Zanter, coordinator of music theory/composition at Marshall and festival host.

Guest artists came from all over to perform in the festival. Artists included Alex Lubet from Minnesota, Beth McDonald from Illinois, Maja Radovanlija from Minnesota and Anyango Yarbo-Davenport from New York. Other artists included Marshall faculty and students.

The festival began Friday with a concert at the First Presbyterian Church on Fifth Avenue featuring the Millefiori Trio, who performed pieces composed by modern American female composers. Masterclasses were taught in the afternoon along with a performance from student composers. Guest artists Alex Lubet and Maja Radovanliji ended the day with a concert.

Keeping true to the festival’s theme of new music, Saturday’s concert consisted of pieces with fixed media. Johan Botes, Mark Zanter and Beth McDonald performed with prerecorded music when playing their instruments. The night also included a piece including narration that told a Native American lore.

Kravchak said he was pleased with the festival’s turnout.

“I think it was just amazing, and I am so pleased and proud of all my colleagues that worked really hard,” Kravchak said.

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