Horn trio ensemble performs at Marshall


Marshall University’s College of Arts and Media presented a horn trio concert Wednesday in the Jomie Jazz Center.

Stephen Lawson, music professor, along with musicians John Jones and William Holderby put on the horn concert for students.

Henning Vauth, coordinator of keyboard studies, accompanied the three men on the piano for a few of the pieces.

The performance was a mix of music from different time periods, covering music from 1678 to 1930.

Maggie Erikson, a middle school student in Huntington, said she was eager to learn more.

“I love playing horn in my band,” Erikson said. “My teacher said it would be a good idea for me to come watch this and my parents said they’d take me. I want to keep playing instruments until I can learn at least five really good.”

Lawson also accompanied each set with an intro to the music of time period along with the different style of horns being played. The three men played about four different styles of horns throughout the performance.

Lawson teaches horn lessons, music theory and other music education courses. During the performance, Lawson said they were trying to be on a personal level.

“A lot of horn performances you could have a bunch of guys sitting in a V-shape not being personal,” Lawson said during his commentation. “We are trying to be more personal and give everyone a chance to hear the horns without blowing you away.”

The trio performed three sets of music then took a short intermission followed by two more sets.

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