Farewell, Parthenon: Lessons I’ve Learned


Tyler Spence, Executive Editor

I have not known a life without The Parthenon for the past two years.

Many editors upon their departure from this institution often reflect on the days spent in the newsroom and the long hours spent working on producing a newspaper worth reading.

Although that work is valuable, and I believe I have done my fair share of it, I would much rather focus on the people and lessons I have learned from my time at Marshall’s School of Journalism and The Parthenon.

I am honored to say that I was the editor of this paper. I believe the editors long before my time here would agree it is a responsibility and a privilege to have served in this role.

Although many around campus simply know me as “Mr. Parthenon,” this institution cannot be so simply intertwined with one individual. Many editors and reporters long before my time at Marshall have laid the groundwork so that I could step in to help carry that essential work and tradition forward.

This legacy, combined with those who are currently working in this capacity, is the real collective effort that should be celebrated.

Simply put, I have a great team.

Without this team, nothing happens. Stories wouldn’t be written, pictures wouldn’t be taken and my spelling mistakes wouldn’t be caught. This process has significantly less to do with me and much more to do with this team.

To my copy editors: Emma, Madison, Rafael and Scott – thank you for helping me write better than I do.

To Charlie and Sandy, thank you for your encouragement and belief in me and this paper and your advice.

To Dan, thank you for having high standards and expectations for my work and the paper, and for pushing me to get there.

To the many reporters and editors whom I leave behind: I am absolutely confident that I am leaving The Parthenon in strong hands. I hope The Parthenon gives you as much as it has to me over the years. The Parthenon has given me great friends and a platform to learn and grow which I will be forever grateful for, and I hope you receive the same.

To those who are still here and to those who will be at The Parthenon in the future: enjoy your time here and learn as much as you can.

One of my favorite past times is flipping through editions of The Parthenon from different decades. Not only are these papers a time capsule of what our university was like years ago, but they can inspire you for your next great story. Learning from those before you is the easiest way to get a leg up. We are only here for a short time, but the information you have access to with those who have been here before is far greater than what you could learn on your own.

I wish you all the best success in everything you do. I’m sure one day we will meet again, and I can’t wait to hear how you outdid me.