Homecoming Parade Brings Together Marshall and Community Members 

Morgan Pemberton, Student Reporter

With no restrictions related to COVID-19, Marshall students, alumni and community members came together for the homecoming parade on Thursday, Oct. 27, ahead of Marshall’s football game on Saturday.

“This year is more exciting because we’re coming off of Covid. It is going to be more normal per se for the students,” Katie Stanley, coordinator of student activities, said. “It is not going to be restricted in any way. Attendance isn’t going to be restricted, no mask, anything like that. I think organizations especially are really excited to kind of jump back into where we were before Covid, but it’s all really exciting.” 

Since nothing was restricted, the parade gave the community members and Marshall students the opportunity to come together and participate in a float contest. 

“We do awards for community members so they do a float, and we will be judging those,” Michelle Biggs, assistant dean student affairs and judge for the contest, said. “Then, our student organizations also have entered, and we will be judging for student organization floats as well.”  

After the parade concluded, Marshall students and faculty headed to the bonfire to warm up by the fire.