HerdCon Set for March 5 in MSC


A variety of pop culture will be showcased at Marshall’s student center next month, allowing students and the community to participate in the 3rd annual HerdCon.
Monica Brooks, HerdCon chair and vice president of online learning, described the event as Marshall’s version of Comic-Con. 

“Basically, it’s a pop culture convention. It will include all aspects of pop culture fun like sci-fi, anime, superheroes, tabletop gaming, you name it. Anything goes,” Brooks said.  

Brooks also said HerdCon acts as a recruiting opportunity and a great way to make connections. 

“There’s a whole population of people that enjoy video games, movies, Pokémon cards, or even dressing up as whatever character,” Brooks said. “This is the perfect place for them to make connections to Marshall and all these clubs that address these things and all kinds of stuff students can be involved in.”  

Meanwhile, HerdCon’s Co-Chair Michelle Alford said there are a lot of different options for what students can take away from this convention.  

“I like the idea of having opportunities for our students and departments to come in and participate,” Alford said, “and especially trying to get people to showcase how their degree can work in pop culture as a field.”   

Alford described this year as especially different because it will be the first year back in person. The last two years have consisted of exclusively virtual events due to COVID-19.  

“I’m looking forward to bringing all students and the community together. We’re going to have live music, food trucks, trivia sessions, contests and an appearance by Batman and many other fun activities,” Alford said.  

Alford also emphasized that seeing people connect and have a good time is what she looks forward to the most.  

HerdCon will be held Saturday March 5, at 10 a.m. in the MSC lobby and outside in the plaza. The event is free to the public, open to anyone wanting to get into the Comic-Con spirit.  For more information visit www.marshall.edu/herdcon/