Emmy Awards Fashion, Better Than the Met?


Rich Fury

Billy Porter seen in Ashi

The 2021 Emmy Awards saw some of the best fashion of this season worn by everyone’s favorite celebrities. From Nicole Byer’s elegant purple floor length ball gown to Billy Porter’s iconic winged pantsuit, the Emmys are shifting eyes from this year’s drab and disastrous Met Gala. There were several classy twists on popular trends, like Kathryn Hahn’s oversized belt buckle and Kaley Cuoco’s modern play on neon. Creating the right combination of basic streetwear and high fashion can be a tricky task, as seen at the Met Gala earlier this month. However, the Emmys gave some redemption to designers and celebrities as they walked the red carpet this week. Without a theme to follow, the Emmys allow for a much more lenient and casual design palette which has definitely found the favor of audiences across the nation. While many celebrities came home with wins in the fashion department, there were still a few who missed the mark. Carl Clemons-Hopkins’ wide legged pant and button-down combination didn’t seem so bad until the addition of two purple and yellow ribbons that trailed along his right hip the entire night. The clashing of materials and lack of accessories makes this outfit feel incomplete and lacks any type of structure. Jean Smart’s black mesh ballgown was also a notable miss; the see-through material mixed with a small round-front tie reminded me of a Forever 21 clearance section-something you don’t want to think about at one of the largest awards shows in the world. Even with some losses, the Emmys showed off most of the stars’ greatest features and provided confidence to many as they accepted their awards of the night. Sometimes, it isn’t always about what you are wearing, but how you present yourself wearing the piece.

Kaley Cuoco
Jean Smart
Carl Clemons-Hopkins
Kathryn Hahn
Nicole Byers