Column: Your person is coming


BFF. Best friends forever. Is that still a thing? 

With the increase of social media induced fantasies and drama, some may argue that it seems like true best friends are getting rare.  

But I would argue that. I think we all have best friends. They sometimes change throughout life. They sometimes remain the same. But they are there.  

Everyone my daughter meets is her best friend. My son has had the same best friend all three years of school. My husband has had the same best friend since preschool. I have had the same best friend since I was 20-years old.  

 While most 20-year olds are in college and on a journey of life and self-discovery, I think it’s important for you to remember, it is okay to have more than one best friend and it is okay if that best friend changes throughout different seasons of life and it is also okay if we keep that same friend for life.  

Just know, your person is coming.  

I always dreamed of having that true best friend who I could trust with all of my secrets, who I could trust with my life. That person who I could always count on to be there for me and who would know I would always be there for them. Someone for the small and big things.  

We moved a lot growing up, so I had a different best friend all throughout elementary school. Two different ones in middle school and I think two in high school. The one in high school, I had random interactions throughout some part of adulthood, but has since become a nonexistent relationship.   

It seemed like I would never find that person for me as I watched people have the same best friends all throughout these years.  

But sometimes things are not always what they seem, we do not get to decide the timing and finding that true best friend, that person is the same thing… 

Because one day while working in a Cracker Barrel at 20 years old, my person showed up. I didn’t know it then, but I think she did.  

Almost 11 years of friendship now, many arguments, many life events, many boyfriends, two marriages, five children, deaths, moves, school and the list goes on and on and on. We’ve been through it all and we’re still standing.  

So, if you’re worried, just know your person is coming.  

That person who answers your call for help at 2am. That person who sits with you while you cry because they know you do not want touched. That person who brings you food just because, that person who is there whenever you need them and who you are there for when they need you.  

Through thick and thin, through life changes and personal growth and through all the ups and downs of life.  

Sometimes we look at other people and think we will never get that. We think it is out of our reach and we could never have a friend like those people or those people, but they will come.  

Your person is out there, just be patient. And while you wait, be a good friend to those you have now because in the end, you can never have too many close friends.  

And since a celebration of her life is what inspired this piece, it only right to wish my person, my best friend, my Biff a happy birthday!