Editor Picks: Podcasts

home. made.

This is a fairly new seriess with only six episodes, but all are unique and pull you in from the start. I discovered this podcast from another podcast and was sucked in immediatly. I did not listen in order, but started with The Man and The Mountain, an intriguing story about a man who refused to evacuate his home when Mt. St. Helens threatened to erupt.

Each episode revolves around a new person, family or instance of what makes somewhere, something or someone home. Each episode leaves you inspired, humled and/or in awe.

Consider This from NPR

Admittedly, I do not keep up with national news as much as I should. However, this podcast is not only helps keep me semi-up-to-date, it gives fresh perspective on things you do not generally think about. It is also to the point and I can listen to it on a short commute.

Brittany Hively, Executive Editor


Creative Pep Talk

Over the past year, I have been listening to this inspirational and motivating podcast with the fun illustrator and food-lover, Andy J. Pizza. Build a thriving creative practice if you are creative in any way—an illustrator, journalist, painter, author, singer, storyteller or whatever you call yourself. Not only does this podcast inspire me, but I also love listening to Andy’s thoughts and ideas that I can relate to as a creative.

Running from Cops

I usually listen to podcasts that upload weekly, but ‘Running from Cops’ was my first mini-series podcast and I loved it! This podcast is Dan Taberski’s audible deep dive on the longest running reality show—COPS. This was a personal experience to me because I was that kid who knew the entire them song. If you watched the show or want to know the ugly parts of the production, this is the podcast for you.

Xena Bunton, Managing Editor


Call Her Daddy

I just started listening to this last week #DaddyGang and I am seriously obsessed. It is genuinely therapeutic to hear another twenty-something woman talk about real life things. I also feel like I am learning life lessons and brushing up on girl code. There is a reason this is one of the most popular pods right now, so check it out girls!

Isabella Robinson, News Editor


Let’s talk about myths, baby! Greek & Roman Mythology

I have been obsessed with mythologies for as long as I can remember, so naturally this was my favorite podcast that I love to listen to while I bike or walk around my neighborhood. They talk about different Greek and Roman gods or certain myths in each episode. I have no need for all this mythology knowledge, except for when it comes to Jeopardy clues.

Kinda not kidding

This podcast was started by a couple of girls that I became friends with through social media over quarantine. They talk about everything career and fashion related in ways that are relatable to me as a college student and a woman.

Abby Hanlon, Campus Editor