COVID impacts students’ holiday celebrations

Thanksgiving festivities for many students looked quite different this year, with students facing challenges to see their families, visit home, and enjoy their yearly feast.  

Marshall sophomore, Manny Savilla, said, “For Thanksgiving break, I came home to my family and had a mostly traditional feast,” Savilla said. “My household and my uncles were all COVID negative, so we were able to have a gathering. However, most of the family still did not want to attend because they feared a large gathering.” 

Many students were directly affected by the pandemic. Charity Leep, a Marshall junior said, “This year has been the first Thanksgiving I celebrated and had dinner at home instead of visiting extended family,” Leep said. “It was a big change of pace as I watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Hulu and ate dinner in my pajamas instead of dressing up and going out.” 

Ethan Wills, a Marshall Junior, talked about his break and the challenges it presented. 

“Thanksgiving this year was very different for me because we had a much smaller family gathering than normal,” Wills said. “I normally go to my grandparents’ house to spend some time with my family and have a great time doing so. This year, however, me and my family just stayed home. We brought my grandma up to our house and still had some very good food. It was less enjoyable than normal, but it was still a good Thanksgiving.” 

Kellie Parkin, a Marshall Senior talked about her break and how it differed from previous years. 

“Thanksgiving was definitely different this year,” Parkin said. “My Mom had COVID which meant that I was not able to spend my thanksgiving with her for the first time in my life. That, coupled with not being able to visit grandparents, made this a difficult year, but I still have lots to be thankful for.” 

Clay Shriver, a Marshall Junior, talked about his thanksgiving break. 

“Thanksgiving was a bit lonesome this year,” Shriver said. “I spent it alone just at my apartment. My family didn’t come in state due to the pandemic, and my extended family all decided to do Thanksgiving apart. It was the first year we didn’t all gather at my grandmother’s house. My mom was worried about me not having a Thanksgiving meal, but I was fine just eating what I wanted to and getting some rest.” 

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