Police Blotter

Police Blotter


Petit Larceny 

On Oct. 31, Police officers said they received a call from a man claiming he had items stolen from his 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was unlocked. Police said the vehicle was in the parking lot on 17th Street and Sixth Avenue when the items were taken. Police said that the items stolen from the car consisted of a TomTom GPS, work light flashlight, $13 cash, $3 change and a blue thermal shirt. Police said the suspect left a vape device and a lighter behind in the vehicle. 


On Oct. 30, Police said they observed two males looking into a parked Marshall University Physical Plant truck at the 1800 Block of Sixth Avenue. Police said the two males hurriedly entered their vehicle and attempted to drive away. Police said they initiated a traffic stop for the car at the same location, where they identified both the vehicle’s driver and passenger. Police said they placed the driver under arrest after a local warrant check showed active warrants for DUI drugs, no drivers’ licenses, and prohibited persons in possession of firearms. Police said they charged the man in connection with driving while revoked for DUI first offense. Police said the passenger drove the vehicle to their residence on Seventh Avenue. Police said the driver was transported to Western Regional Jail. 

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