Police Blotter


On Thursday, Oct. 1, at 2:35 a.m., Police officers stopped a white Jeep S.U.V. after they said they witnessed the vehicle swerving while traveling westbound on the 2300 Block of Third Ave. The vehicle was also reported, by the Police, to have no rear lights. After the vehicle came to a stop in the west stadium parking lot, Police identified the driver as a 26-year-old female. Police said they could smell alcohol’s odor on the driver, who Police said, admitted to drinking white claw and liquor shots. Police said the driver exited the vehicle and performed three standardized field sobriety tests, of which she failed all three. The driver was then placed under arrest and taken to the State Police Headquarters, where Police said her blood alcohol content was checked and found to be a B.A.C. of .211%. 

D.U.I. Second Offense 

On Oct. 3, at 3:07 a.m., Police officers witnessed a maroon Ford F-150, traveling at a high-speed rate with a West Virginia registration. The vehicle drove through a red light at the intersection of Fifth Ave. and John Marshall St. Police initiated a traffic stop at the 1800 Block of Fifth Ave. Police said they identified the driver as a 30-year-old male, and they smelled alcohol. Police administered three standardized field sobriety tests, which they said the driver failed.

The driver was placed under arrest, and Police said that they found the driver had a previous conviction for D.U.I. after further investigation. Police said they found a firearm and a knife in the vehicle; these items were later given to the driver’s brother. The driver was charged in connection with D.U.I. second offense and failure to obey traffic control device. Police proceeded to escort the driver to Western Regional Jail. 

D.U.I. First Offense 

On Oct. 4, Police said they saw a white vehicle traveling south on 20th St. and Sixth Ave. Police said the vehicle drove onto the sidewalk, where it almost hit a stump. The vehicle drove back onto the roadway and continued southbound on 20th St. Police said the driver turned west on Seventh Ave., they drove on the grass, almost striking a telephone pole. The driver stopped the vehicle in a parking lot on the 700 Block of 20th St. Police identified the driver as a 19-year-old female. Police said the driver was disoriented and kept stating she was coming from Sheets and that she had to go to 16th St., not realizing she had already done that. Police said they administered three standardized field sobriety tests, which the driver failed. Two other people were found inside the vehicle, one asleep in the front passenger’s seat, and the other, according to Police, was passed out in the fetal position in the backseat. Police said the driver was under the influence of marijuana, and that she was arrested in connection with a first offense D.U.I. with drugs. 

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