CAB to host Marco’s Mysteries event on campus

Marshall University’s Campus Activities Board is hosting a mystery solving event to help students familiarize themselves with campus. 

Marco’s Mysteries, a game in which students solve riddles relating to campus locations to win a prize, will be taking place on Oct. 21, from 11-2 p.m. 

The event will start on the plaza, with students going from there to solve all the riddles given to them by CAB members. 

President of CAB, Emilie Christenberry, said students will have to find the location corresponding to their specific riddle, then take a photo and post it on either Instagram or Twitter. 

“They have to take a picture, use the hashtag Marco’s Mysteries, and then they come back to the plaza,” said Christenberry. “They show us that they completed all the riddles, and then they win a prize.” 

The event will be held outside, with CAB taking measures to ensure the event is compliant with social distancing requirements and that the students stay safe. 

“We are actually going to send people off in separate groups,” said Christenberry. “They have to start off at a table on the plaza, where CAB members will be.” 

Christenberry said that as more people show up to the event, they will make sure that they do not send multiple groups to the same location, by giving some groups one riddle and giving other groups a different puzzle. 

Coronavirus restrictions have made campus events rare; this event aims to bring some fun to the campus and get students out of their rooms. 

“I hope it’s just something fun, and it’s also a good way to get to know the campus a little better,” said Christenberry. 

Christenberry said she hopes students will discover interesting campus locations that they may have previously not known about. 

CAB requires that mask be worn to the event and kept on when around others, to minimize health concerns. 

Carter Truman can be contacted at [email protected].