IT Services assist students


IT Services located in Drinko Library.

With an increase of online classes, Marshall University’s IT Service Desk wants students to know they are there to assist them with any technological issues.  

Located in Drinko Library, students can get help with problems with WiFi and electronic device issue. The services are available for students both on and off campus.  

Robert Dean, an IT Consultant Senior, said that there are many services being offered this semester. 

“In the case the students need assistance,” Dean said, “we provide laptops to check out, MyFi devices which provide them internet access off campus, and we provide them support from our website.” 

Dean said it is difficult working during the pandemic but he and his co-workers are taking the safety precautions necessary to protect themselves and others from potentially getting sick. 

Jody Perry, the Executive Director of Technology Services in IT, said everything has changed and face-to-face sessions have declined. 

“In the past, students would pack the library in the beginning of the fall term,” Perry said in an email. “Now, the majority of students are finding out they can get assistance in a multitude of ways.” 

Perry said students are relying more on online presence and getting everything setup themselves by using the online chat option on the Marshall website.  

“Of course, we’re still here to support those who have technical problems,” Perry said in an email. “It’s just that stopping by isn’t the go-to solution now.” 

The IT Service Desk is still conducting face-to-face sessions, but there are also the online chat room to ask any consultants for help and students can call the service desk directly by phone call. For face-to-face sessions, students can schedule an appointment ahead of time by email.  

Jonathan Still can be contacted at [email protected]