Marshall student awarded Red Cross Certificate of Merit


Brittany Hively | Online Editor

Erica Mani, chief executive officer of the American Red Cross, presents Kelsey Seibert with the Certificate of Merit award for saving the life of Patricia Trippet.

Family, faculty and community came together to honor Kelsey Seibert for her act of heroism Tuesday afternoon.

Seibert, a Marshall University sophomore, was working as a server at Texas Road House on Sept. 26, 2019 when suddenly she noticed a commotion nearby. 

“I was there serving and a commotion came about. I wasn’t really aware of the situation at first,” Seibert said. “I had stepped over, trying to be a little nosy, as we all can be, and it came to my attention that a lady was in need of medical help.”

While Seibert said she noticed and understood the unease of others, she knew she needed to do something. By this point the lady had quit breathing.

“I didn’t think twice about it. I said I have this certification and I am ready to use it and step in,” Seibert said. 

Seibert then performed CPR on Patricia Trippet. 

“She came back, I saw the light come back into her eyes and that moment will change my life forever,” Seibert said. 

Trippet, along with numerous family members were there to show their gratitude to Seibert. 

Kayla Bolling, Trippet’s granddaughter and other family members nominated Seibert for WSAZ’s hometown hero in October. 

Bolling spoke at the event and said they would always be thankful.

“She’ll always be a hero and an angel in our eyes and without her, we wouldn’t have my grandma today,” Bolling said. 

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