#ElectHer to help women run for public office


Women make up half of the population, but less than one in four elected leaders are women. A problem the #ElectHer campaign strives to fix is how some places across the country lack women running of public office.

#ElectHer will take place from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Jan. 31 in the Memorial Student Center Room BE5. 

The event is a one-day, nonpartisan training for women on how to get involved in political atmospheres.  

“The goal is to try and get young women to run for student government and then for political office,” said Claire Snyder, program coordinator of the Marshall University Women’s and Gender Center. “We find that many women who run for political office were also involved in student government when they were in school and in college.”

The event is a combined partnership between the Women’s and Gender Center, the Office of Community Engagement and Marshall Student Government Association. 

Student Body President Stephanie Rogner said she hopes students will come to this event and learn they have the ability to run for elected positions.

“This university is providing women with the opportunity to gain these resources, gain the information to then build the campaign and further help students and help their community in the process,” she said.

Some of the activities at the event include mapping out support networks for participants and crafting and delivering elevator speeches. 

Participants will also walk away with a plan to run for student or political office, if they want. 

Snyder said she hopes the influence and direction from other young women inspires others to run for elected positions because she said it is important for women to have representation. 

“I really think, especially for young women, having their voices be heard and being able to represent not only their communities, the area that they’re from…being heard is so important.”

Danielle Hagan will be facilitating the event. More information about #ElectHer and how to register for the event can be found on HerdLink. 

Kyra Biscarner can be contacted at [email protected].