Student Government struggles to obtain funding

The Marshall University Student Government Association is no longer accepting applications for funding due to the number of applications filed in the fall semester.
This year, SGA has received more requests than they are able to fulfill.
Student organizations use these funds to help pay for trips, events or items for organizations.
SGA had roughly 56 organizations apply for funding during the fall semester leaving them with little to no money for anyone applying for funding for the spring.
Since 56 organizations applied for funding, SGA was only able to give some of the organizations half of the funding that they asked for and some organizations received no funding at all.
“Funding is first-come first-serve,” former President Pro-Tempore Justyn Cox said. “We only had enough budget for 50 out of the 56 ,leaving us to scrounge around for extra money to fill funding needs.”
Cox said they are working on ways to open funding back up to student organizations but the SGA cannot guarantee anything right now.
Syler Hunt can be contacted at [email protected]