Society of Poets rises from the dead

The Marshall University Society of Poets met Thursday in the John Spotts Room in the Memorial Student Center.

The society started in 2002 and fell into disbandment but was revived after increased interest from students.

Lee Tabor, founder, and Jordan Mason, president of the society, are working to provide those interested with a safe space to be expressive and share their works.

Mason said he thinks sharing helps poets warm up.

“It can help you with not only getting better with your writing, but also public speaking as well as other secondary benefits,” Mason said.

Members will look at certain poets, spending time analyzing writing styles and determining meanings.

Tabor recognized some people claim to not have a knack for writing poetry.

“Maybe they are poets, and they just don’t know it sometimes,” Tabor said.

The society has five to nine members but plans to expand by informing students on campus.

The society is planning a three-night event, Poetry on The Plaza in April where students and community members can perform their poems.

Tabor said he thinks poetry is very comparable to other forms of artistic expression, and Mason said he thinks poetry is still underrated.

“Poetry utilizes creative writing,” Mason said. “Things like meter, and rhetorical devices. It’s a specialized art.”

The society plans to continue having meetings at 8 p.m. every Monday in the John Spotts Room.

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