Student Affairs pushes for commuter involvement on campus

Marshall University Student Affairs is continuously working on programs to make life easier for students, including commuter student services, which is growing in size and expanding in options. 

While resources for commuters may not be as well-known as other programs, student advocate and success specialist Michelle Biggs said Student Affairs is trying to change that. 

“It just started the last few years,” Biggs said. “We’re trying to make it more of a network. We think what commuters need are resources, information, how to get connected to organizations or the resources.”

Biggs said they have begun targeting students early on in their Marshall journey to make sure they know about these services. 

“At WOW, we started doing a breakfast, just saying here’s some information, get connected,” Biggs said. 

The breakfast at the beginning of each year is typically held in the commuter lounge in the Memorial Student Center and students have the opportunity to see all of the amenities offered. 

“Microwave, refrigerator, lockers, couches,” Biggs said. “It’s close to the LEAD Center, so students can get involved.”

Biggs said the goal is to make commuters feel a sense of community on campus.

While they may not live on campus, Biggs said, commuters have the same support residents receive. 

“You can come to us and we will get you connected,” Biggs said. 

The commuter student lounge has been under construction most of the semester, Biggs said, but will be open before the start of the new semester.

Biggs said commuters are encouraged in the meantime to come upstairs to the Student Government Association office to relax. 

Brittany Hively can be contacted at [email protected]