Office of Career Education to host etiquette dinner for students

To help students obtain proper business etiquette in meal situations, the Office of Career Education will host an etiquette dinner Nov. 12 in the Don Morris Room of the Memorial Student Center.

“A meal is a part of the interview process, and how you conduct yourself is a big part of business etiquette,” said Jennifer Brown, assistant director for student engagement and marketing. 

The dinner will feature Terri Thompson, an etiquette consultant who has been in the business for more than 14 years. Thompson will provide information about proper dining methods when in a business setting, such as the correct way to eat soup, salad, entrees and dessert.

“My goal of each program is for the students to relax, have fun and yet learn how to have the confidence to make it through any meal situation,” Thompson said. 

The program focuses on food involved in an interview meal. 

Students tend to come back for a second time to get a refresher before graduating, Brown said.

Along with the etiquette dinners, the Office of Career Education offers different career skill-building events that include the Career Expo, which occurs every semester and is aimed to give students exposure to over 100 different business that offer jobs, internships and other career opportunities. 

“The end goal is having our students graduate and get full-time positions in the field they are studying,” Brown said.

Students interested in finding more information may contact Brown at [email protected]. 

Taylor Speight can be contacted at [email protected].