Campus tailgate celebrates Huntington community

Everyone has their own special story to share as to why Huntington is special to them, and the social media campaign #MyHuntington aims to highlight those stories.

Representatives of #MyHuntington partnered with Marshall University’s Campus Activities Board to organize a tailgate that occured Saturday, Oct. 12 on the lawn by the campus tennis courts before the football game.

The #MyHuntington committee focuses on engaging the people and businesses of Huntington to change the narrative of their city. 

When the Campus Activity Board partnered with the #MyHuntington committee, the goal was to connect with students on a local level, according to Sara Payne Scarbro, associate vice president for external engagement and #MyHuntington committee member. 

“Today we’re trying to get students talking about why Huntington is so special to them and why they love our city,” Scarbro said. “We want to highlight that on our social media platforms.”

#MyHuntington started roughly two years ago and is considered a joint-effort between businesses, nonprofits, Marshall and the city to highlight the events that are going on in Huntington. 

“It’s really to empower people to tell their #MyHuntington story,” Scarbro said. “Whether your favorite thing is the rose garden at Ritter Park, or tailgating at the stadium on game days or going down to Pullman to shop and eat, everyone has their own special story to share.” 

The tailgate was open to all community members and featured free food, games, prizes and more. Students such as sophomore nursing major Olivia Sweeney attended the tailgate Saturday before the game and viewed it as a positive way to spend game day. 

“This tailgate was really nice because it supported Huntington by partnering with the #MyHuntington campaign, and it gave us the opportunity to talk about the great things we love about Huntington and Marshall,” Sweeney said. 

The #MyHuntington committee said they partnered with Marshall to work together to portray Huntington in a more positive light.  

“If you didn’t have Marshall University, you wouldn’t have the city of Huntington,” Scarbro said, “and if you didn’t have the city of Huntington, you wouldn’t have Marshall University. The two are completely tied.” 

Those interested in sharing a #MyHuntington story may do so at

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