Green and White Day attracts prospective students to Marshall


Phuong Anh Do

High school students and family members visited Marshall University during Green and White Day Saturday, Sept. 28.

High school students from all over West Virginia and nearby states visited Marshall University on Green and White Day to check out what the university has to offer for both campus life and academic showcases. 

Around 1,100 individuals signed up for the event, and some of them said they are already hoping to return next year as freshmen.

“I want to apply right away,” said Abigail Rittinger, a student from Hurricane High School who plans to study biology. “I didn’t know there were a lot of programs in here. But after coming to Green and White Day, I know a lot more about it.”

Rittinger came to Green and White Day with her parents. Her mom, who used to be a Marshall student, said she supports her daughter’s desire to apply for the university. 

“I will encourage her to apply for Marshall because one, it’s near our home and two, I went to Marshall myself, and I think they have a lot to offer that you can be very successful in the future,” Cheryl Rittinger said. 

Jaime Taylor, Marshall’s provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, said the goal is to get individuals across West Virginia and other states, such as Ohio, Maryland and Virginia, all on campus to see the campus life and, more importantly, to show the academic showcase. 

 “We want them to see all the academic programs that we have,” Taylor said. “A lot of students only think of nursing, engineering, law. We want them to see all of these because Marshall has one hundred plus degree programs.”

The big difference from this Green and White Day compared to others was after the event, families and students were invited to join in cheering on the Thundering Herd against the Cincinnati Bearcats. 

“It really gets people to really experience what it likes to be a Marshall Thundering Herd,” Taylor said. 

The university has made an effort in getting more recruiters in providing prospective students with an app making it so individuals can communicate with the academic units throughout the year, according to Taylor.

Taylor said that Green and White Days are important for both the future recruitment of Marshall and the state of West Virginia. 

“Green and White Days are so important for Marshall to get more students enrolled,” Taylor said. “This is good for the state of West Virginia. The more individuals we can get a college degree in a state of West Virginia, the more that’s going to help our economy. Today we have 1,100 individuals signed up, we’re hoping that turns out to be anywhere from 900 to 1,000.”

Future fall dates for Green and White Days are scheduled for Nov. 11 and Dec. 6. 

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