Marshall celebrates signing of Constitution, John Marshall’s birthday

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Marshall celebrates signing of Constitution, John Marshall’s birthday


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The U.S. Constitution Celebrationcommemorates one of America’s most important documents and is celebrated in schools across the country each year.

The celebration may have a little more meaning to Marshall University, however, as its namesake Chief Justice John Marshall’s birthday caps the week off on Sept. 24. 

“Because we’re named after the great Chief Justice John Marshall, we take this much more seriously at Marshall and what we offer is an extended program of events, both educational and fun, related to John Marshall’s life and to the early national period of U.S. History,” Montserrat Miller, professor of history and executive director of the John Deaver Drinko Academy, said.

One of the events the Academy organizes each year is the celebration of the signing of the U.S. Constitution with a variety of events for students, faculty and community members. 

“It’s just a great time to celebrate what we’re rich in tradition about,” Stephanie Rogner, student body president, said. “A lot of people, you know we hear John Marshall all the time, but they don’t really understand the importance of his legacy on campus and what it really means to be under his namesake.”

Rogner and Student Body Vice President Anna Williams have celebrated as the first female partnership of president and vice president in Marshall history. 

“I think it’s always great to represent your university in any capacity and being the first two women in the history of the state and the university to lead Marshall is definitely impactful,” Williams said. 

After a cake ceremony and performance from John Marshall Fife Drum Corps Tuesday, the celebration continued on Buskirk Field with the Quoits Media Invitational in honor of the chief justice. This event followed the Open Quoits Tournament, which took place Sept. 9-18 and the Presidential Invitational Sept. 20.

Other celebration events included West Virginia Supreme Court on Campus; Amicus Curiae Lecture Series with Richard Brookhiser; Robert C. Byrd Forum on Civic Responsibility with Dr. Sarah Denman, Audy Perry, Brandon Dennison and Jennifer Wells; and will conclude with the Dan O’Hanlon Essay Competition Awards Ceremony.

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