Downtown Huntington welcomes new battle attraction this summer


Offering arrow wars, foam dart battles and laser tag, a new downtown attraction hopes to bring a little bit of fun and competition to Huntington residents of all ages. 

After a recent trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, Cari Burch and her family decided that Huntington needed a little more fun, and the idea of the Battlearium was born. 

“We went to Cincinnati in February for my son’s birthday to a combat archery place,” Burch said. “We had so much fun. All we could do the whole way home was talk about it and how much fun it would be to have a place like that in Huntington. All four of us in the family wanted to do it so we said ‘Okay, we’re going to open this place up’.”

Taking the place of Runway Couture on Third Avenue, right across from Pullman Square, the Battlearium is set to open this upcoming June.

“If you go to any major city there’s no shortage of stuff to do,” Burch said. “The Battlearium isn’t going to single-handedly recruit people to town, but it is going to be another fun thing for new residents to be able to look forward to and do.”

The format of the Battlearium is also set up to be convenient for all who decide to utilize it. The website is where battlers will sign up to reserve a time at the facility.

“Most of our signing up for games and stuff like that is through a website, so it’s easy to get online 24/7 and book when you want to play,” Burch said. “We’ll have set hours to be open, but if you’re wanting to play in a time that’s not really in one of those set open hours then we can usually arrange for someone to come in and have an hour or two of game time.”

Pricing for game times is set at $25 for a single player per hour or if there is a party of 10 or more, the price is set at $200 per hour.

Trey Delida can be contacted at [email protected]