Banff Mountain Film Festival returns to Keith-Albee Theatre

Showing the action of climbs, bike rides, free falls and tales of survival, the Banff Mountain Film Festival brought outdoor adventure to the Keith-Albee Theatre Tuesday evening.

“These inspiring people, who ride horses, take photos, climb massive rock walls, are all people that encourage us all to step out of our comfort zones and live life to the fullest,” said Sarah Cummings, a returning spectator at the Banff Film Festival.

The film festival featured nine films, ranging from five minutes to 40 minutes. Some of these films included “Far Out,” about an 11-year-old who extreme skis; “The Mountain Life,”abouta mother-daughter team skiing across Canada; “DreamRide 3,” a mountain bike filmed inspired by Dr. Seuss narrative; and “The Frenchy,” aboutan 82-year-old athlete’s inspiration for life.

“It is really hard to say a favorite because each film presented something new from the other,” Cummings said. “There was a recurring theme of even the most impossible things can be done in this year’s festival.”

Angela Jones, director of the Marshall Artist Series, said the film festival was organized in a similar format as past years, with an intermission and giveaways. The turnout was great, she said.

The film festival is first held every fall in Banff in Alberta, Canada and the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour starts right after, traveling around the world with stops in about 550 communities and 40 countries, according to the film festival’s website.

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