McElroy, CoWorks aims to raise local podcast productions


Sarah Ingram

Justin McElroy, Huntington native and Marshall University graduate, teaches fellow Huntingtonians the art of podcasting in the recording studio at CoWorks.

Huntington native Justin McElroy taught local residents how to create and distribute podcasts during an open seminar at CoWorks, Thursday Oct. 11. The event highlighted the steps that go into creating podcasts, and McElroy offered many tips throughout.

McElroy, a podcaster known for such programs as ‘My Brother, My Brother and Me,’ ‘Sawbones’ and more, said he decided to organize an event to inform attendees how to make podcasts in hopes that more people would be interested in producing their own podcasts.

“For me, this event was to help get people started in making podcasts,” McElroy said. “I think we have a lot of unique voices in this area, and I would love to see them get a little more exposure.”

McElroy, a Marshall University graduate who studied acting and directing, taught those in attendance about picking ideas for podcasts as well as different websites and applications that assist in the technological aspect of creating them.

McElroy said people should have fun with podcasts because he believes they are simple to create and distribute.

“It really isn’t that hard for anyone to make a podcast about whatever they want,” McElroy said. “It’s not difficult. But make sure you have fun with it because it won’t make you rich either.”

McElroy said he would try to make himself available to those with long term interest in creating podcasts.

During the event, a new room was displayed at CoWorks that contains recording equipment for anyone interested in creating podcasts or other audio files. CoWorks in a business that provides a working environment for people who may not have an office building yet when starting new businesses.

Bryan Shaw, co-founder of CoWorks, said he hopes the new room will be used to help get people creating with and in the community.

“The ultimate goal is to just help create community and help the economy and everything,” Shaw said. “The ecosystem we are trying to build here at CoWorks with small businesses, entrepreneurs and everything, podcasts go great with some businesses.”

The recording room can be found at CoWorks in Huntington and is available to consumers after paying a monthly fee of $20.

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