College of Arts and Media offering new degree

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The College of Arts and Media will offer a new Bachelor of Arts degree starting fall 2015 for students who are interested in the arts, but not interested in performing.

With this degree, students will take classes in music, art and theatre but will require fewer hours than the regular arts degree.

Coordinator of Music History and Literature, Vicki Stroeher said students could also take classes that will help them with the career they want.

Classes focused in public relations or management will help the students gain knowledge in the other aspects of the careers they choose.

“It offers more potential majors and broadens our scope and allows us to work with colleges across the campus,” Stroeher said.

Depending on the career the student wants will determine what classes the student will take Stroeher said. Students who are interested in music management will take some of the required courses for music majors such as music theory and music history to help the student learn all sides of the music industry.

“We didn’t really have a degree for students who are not interested in performance or production of arts, theater or creating art,” said Stroeher. “So we think this is going to fill a niche that is missing on the campus.”

Some of the careers that come out of this degree include art therapy, music management, museum coordinator and arts administration.

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