Hundreds of new students flock to Marshall for first week of orientation

For incoming students at Marshall University, new student orientation is an important step in the college process. It is here where they will get their first class schedule, their campus ID cards and a heavy load of information and advice.

Marshall hosted the first of three new student orientations last week, welcoming 800 new students from all of the United States, anywhere from Florida to Maryland to California. Marshall’s student body president, Hunter Barclay, a Maryland native himself, expressed his own desire to influence incoming freshmen in the same way he was influenced.

“I was very nervous my first day, like orientation, just trying to figure it all out,” Barclay said. “I remember Duncan Waugaman getting up, giving the speech, and I was like, ‘oh my gosh, it’s the student body president.’ I talked to him just very briefly, but that small conversation, I remember it a lot, too. So, I try to remember that any small interaction I have with students could really influence them and be something that they’ll remember.”

At orientation, students can expect to learn about graduation requirements, how to navigate student resources and support services, and also how better to get involved on campus. For Kadi Conn, a bio premed major and orientation leader, getting involved is crucial.

“I want to make them feel comfortable, make sure they get involved on campus, because I didn’t for the first two years of college,” Conn said.

Orientation leaders play a large role in the orientation process, as they are each assigned groups of students to guide throughout the day. While the start of college can be nerve-wracking for new students, Huntington native Mitchell Hall is more excited than nervous, saying he looks forward to the freedom university life offers, and, “just the environment of Marshall in general and being able to be a part of, like, football games and everything. I’m just really excited.”

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