DEANS’ WELCOME: Sherri Stepp of University College


University Communications


Hello and welcome to University College at Marshall University. Our staff is here to provide the extra support needed to ensure you have the opportunity to succeed at Marshall.  Our support includes the assignment of a specific academic counselor who can connect you to a multitude of resources on campus.  We require individual advising meetings and we encourage career education referrals, tutoring services, academic enrichment programs and more.  We invite you to stop by our offices in the Smith Communications Building, Room 212.

In addition to academic counseling and advising, University College administers a campus-wide Textbook Loan Program, University Studies courses, placement exams for math and chemistry, and the National Student Exchange.  For more information about University College, our staff, and our programs, please visit our website at It is our mission to offer students a solid foundation of academic skills for progression into another Marshall University college to declare a major and graduate. Our staff is dedicated to adhering to national academic advising standards, providing professional academic guidance in a holistic and caring manner, understanding and practicing inclusion, operating with high ethical standards, embracing innovation and creativity, collaborating with the university community to ensure student success, safeguarding the privacy of students, and encouraging student engagement in their own educational experience.

We are looking forward to next seeing you at Week of Welcome in August.  We will meet as a college on Wednesday, August 15, at 2:30pm in the Memorial Student Center Room BE5.  See you there!