A new era in MU Student Government



Hunter Barclay being sworn in as Marshall’s new Student Government President, Sunday.

Hunter Barclay & Hannah Petracca are sworn in a SGA President and Vice President

Hunter Barclay and Hannah Petracca are officially Marshall University’s new student body president and vice president. Sunday afternoon the team was officially sworn in to serve Marshall University at the university president’s house.

Student Government Association advisor Michelle Barbour swore Barclay and Petracca into their new positions. When being sworn in, Barclay and Petracca swore to uphold the duties of their respective offices and the values of the Constitution of the United States of America, State of West Virginia and Marshall University.

Barclay and Petracca both delivered speeches discussing their goals for their upcoming term and what they plan to accomplish while in office.

Barclay ended his speech by explaining that he is not alone in his position, but he thinks everyone will have to work together to enact the changes he and his campaign promised.

Barclay said, “As the student body president, I will not be successful. I will not advance the mission of the university. I will not enact innovative reforms because I am just one human, with one title, with one voice. I am just one more Study Body President who will pass this title onto another great leader in exactly one year, but that is completely fine by me because my term as president is not about me, it is about us. Together, we–the students, the faculty and community members–will achieve success, will advance the mission of the university and will enact innovative reforms because I am not Marshall, we are Marshall.”

Although she was filled with nerves, Petracca said the main feeling she felt after taking the oath of office was overwhelmingly gratitude.

“The first breathe I took after the oath was followed by an exhale of complete relief that I didn’t mess up the oath,” Petracca said. “Then I just couldn’t stop smiling because of how grateful I am to officially be Marshall University’s student body vice president.”

Petracca also said she agrees with Barclay hopes to carry the influences she’s had in her life, including former Marshall vice president Izzy Rogner, with her as she begins her term in office.

“My biggest influences have been my mom, my high school young life leader Brittany and former Marshall Student Body VP Izzy Rogner,” Petracca said. “All of these women have invested in me and encouraged me. But more than anything, these women lead by example and that is what has inspired me to do the same.”

Barclay and Petracca’s term will officially begin at today’s Student Government Association Senate meeting.

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