Meet your new SGA President and VP


Coming back from spring break can mean the start of the end of the year, but for the newly elected Barclay-Petracca administration it is just the beginning.

After winning by five votes in the Student Government Association Election, President-Elect Hunter Barclay said when he heard his name announced he felt a mix of emotions.

“I was nervous but I was also shocked that we had received as many votes as we did get, and then when they said our names, it was disbelief, excitement, and it was just an awesome moment,” Barclay said.

His running mate and vice president-elect, Hannah Petracca, shared his feelings of disbelief but said she was proud to know every vote mattered.

“To know we can say to people, your vote mattered, your vote changed the selection, it was special to know that your voice here on campus matters and we made that very clear,” Petracca said.

Although they were in disbelief, both Barclay and Petracca said they are ready to get to work.

“I think we’ll definitely celebrate with our families and then we’ll get to work,” Petracca said. “We have a big platform with really big ideas and those aren’t going to happen overnight.”

Barclay said his first task is to get started on working on the prices of textbooks.

“We’ve talked to a textbook company who wants to pioneer a program here at Marshall to try to make textbooks more affordable, and that’s something we definitely want to work with right now, because we had a company that saw our platform and said that they want to work with Marshall, so if we have this opportunity we would be crazy to let it pass us by,” Barclay said.

Barclay and Petracca will officially be inducted on April 22.

Kyra Biscarner can be contacted at [email protected]