Police Blotter

Domestic Violence

A witness reported seeing a male jerk open the driver’s side door of a vehicle, pull back his arm and strike someone sitting in the driver’s seat in the 1600 block of 6th Avenue Feb. 23. The witness claimed another individual crouched in the seat while the male reached into the vehicle and collected keys and other belongings. The witness said both individuals left the vehicle and continued arguing. Marshall University Police Department made contact with the two individuals later in the Commons courtyard area. Officers identified and interviewed both of them. Both individuals claimed they have been in a relationship for the last year and argued about a previous relationship. Both individuals claimed no physical harm occurred.

Trespassing and stalking

A female contacted MUPD Sunday to report a man followed and questioned her about her schedule. The female said she first noticed a man watching her while she was in the parking lot behind where 7-Eleven once stood. The female claimed the male approached her and asked about where she lives and what her class schedule is. She reported the man also asked when Marshall facilities are open. The female stated she entered the lobby of Twin Towers West Residence Hall to prevent the man from following her any further. The suspect was later identified and arrested for trespassing and stalking.


MUPD made contact with a man Monday who they said they believed trespassed on Marshall University’s property. After identifying the man, police discovered the man faced an outstanding capias warrant for automobile tampering from another police agency. A capias warrant is issued when a person fails to appear before court when ordered to do so. MUPD issued a trespassing citation.

Petit Larceny

A student claimed someone broke into his vehicle and stole a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses Tuesday evening. The student claimed the glove box had been left open and the student’s personal items were scattered throughout the vehicle. The student also noticed a cigarette and white ball cap were left in the car. The student stated the sunglasses are prescription lenses. The student also admitted it is possible the car doors were left unlocked.

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