Police Blotter

Obscene, Anonymous, Harassing and Threatening

April 13, a complainant reported he was receiving obscene, harassing and threatening texts from his girlfriend. He also received another text from an unknown number threatening him. The victim was taken to the courthouse to obtain a domestic violence petition against his girlfriend. The petition was served to the individual who sent the texts.


While running a bake sale fundraiser in the student center April 13, a man traded a customer five $20 bills for one $100 bill because there was not enough change in the bake sale container for the customer to use the $100 bill. The customer then bought a cookie with one of the $20 bills and left. Later, when the man working the fundraiser went to use the $100 bill, he discovered it was counterfeit. There are no cameras in the student center to show the incident, but MUPD has a suspect.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

April 14, officers responded to a report of a damaged vehicle. They observed paint and body damage on the front and rear quarter sections of the vehicle, with what appeared to be a white transfer paint on the victim’s vehicle. Officers documented the damage with photos. The vehicle was parked in the northwest section of the football stadium parking lot. The investigation is pending.

Found Property

April 15, a female found a plastic, clear bag containing a small amount of marijuana in the restroom in the Freshmen South residence hall. No suspects were found to be associated with the found property.

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