Two robberies on, around campus possibly connected

Over the course of two days, MU Alert sent out two messages informing subscribers of two separate robberies occurring on and around Marshall University’s campus, which officials say could be connected.

The first alert was sent at 4:26 a.m. Saturday after three female students reported to Marshall University Police Department that a black male had robbed them in the 1900 block of Fifth Avenue, which is close to Twin Towers East and the back side of Freshman South Residence Hall. The victims reported that an iPhone and $10 were stolen.

“Three females were approached by a black male, wearing gray clothing,” Chief of MUPD Jim Terry said. “He came up behind them, told them to give him everything they had. He pointed a jacket pocket at them, but they didn’t see a weapon.”

The second alert came just after 1 a.m. Monday, informing receivers that a second robbery had occurred right off campus in the 1500 block of 4 1/2 Street Alley.

Two male students reported that less than $100 was taken from them by two black males, one of which showed a gun in his waistband.

“One was wearing a gray hoodie, the other black male was wearing a gray jacket with the hood up, with a darker flat billed hat and black pants,” Terry said. “He partially pulled a black hand gun from his waistband. So he didn’t pull it out, he just showed it to them.”

The two victims originally went to MUPD after the incident, but the location of the crime took place in Huntington Police Department’s jurisdiction.

Both police departments are currently working together to see if the two cases are related and are reviewing video footage to identify the suspects.

“We’re coordinating our investigation with Huntington Police Department’s investigation because they appear to be related,” Terry said.

Terry warns students to be aware of their surroundings and try to stay in well-lit areas and to report any criminal activity.

“Stay in high traffic areas, if possible. Students need to be aware of the emergency phones locations throughout the campus,” he said. “If they see anything suspicious or see any suspicious behavior, either call us at 696-4357 or call 911.”

According to Terry, the university is looking into additional resources and upgrading video surveillance in some locations on campus.

Heather Barker can be contacted at [email protected]