MU raises awareness for transgender community

Marshall University’s Intercultural Office is sponsoring a Trans Clothing Drive Feb. 6 through Feb. 24 to collect new or gently used clothing for the transgender community.

The LGTBQ+ office is the host of the drive, as well as many different volunteers from the psychology of women capstone class.

In addition to clothing, all and any other donations are acceptable, such as chest binders, jewelry and transgender accessories.

Ashlee Vandruff, a psychology major at Marshall, volunteers her time in the LGBTQ+ office in the Memorial Student Center and is working with making this drive a success.

“While not everyone who identifies with a certain gender feels the need to match their presentation with societal norms, many who are exploring their gender identity want to dress according to what they think is appropriate at the time,” Vandruff said. “I think it is important for Marshall and our community to show all of our students we support them, and by allowing there to be a place where students can be comfortable to be true to themselves is a huge step in the right direction.”

Students can find bins located in the LGBTQ+ office, the women’s studies department and in the lobbies of dormitories.

Vandruff said the best ways to help support the transgender community is by creating a safe environment where everyone feels accepted.

“Going out to buy clothing can at the best of times be exhausting, and at the worst can lead to harassment,” Vandruff said. “Great ways to help is to work towards having a safe space where people are accepted despite their sexuality, gender, race and etcetera.”

All donated clothes will go toward the LGBTQ+ office.

The LGBTQ+ office is always looking for more willing volunteers to help with events like these in the future and is open to all students.

Christian Davis can be contacted at [email protected]