‘Run, Hide, Fight’: Training addresses how students should react in an active shooter situation


Heather Barker

Lt. Dick Parker, officer with MUPD, addressed the crowd at the active shooter training on campus Monday.

Although Marshall University has never experienced an active shooter incident, each year more incidents take place nationally according to the FBI.

Monday was the first of three training days in which the Marshall University Police Department in conjunction with Marshall’s Department of Health and Safety taught participants how to respond in varying active shooter situations.

“Wherever you are, this can happen,” Director of Public Safety Chief Jim Terry said. “You have to have a plan.”

The protocol taught was “Run, Hide, Fight,” where participants were told to analyze the situation and decide whether they should flee the area, hide from the shooter’s view or fight the attacker with items in the surroundings.

“It’s something that’s part of life now, unfortunately,” said junior sports broadcasting major Dylan Stone. “There are people out there that come into places with the intent to harm people and I think it’s important that everybody knows what the protocol for trying to get out of a situation like that is.”

Those in attendance were given the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation, where concerns of classroom locks, conceal and carry weapons on campus and taking leadership in active shooter situations were discussed.

“In everyday life, you don’t think about these things,” Terry said. “You see it in the news but don’t relate it to yourself, unless you work in this environment. The interaction was good and they gave us some things to think about.”

Crystal Stewart, senior office administrator for the Information Technology Department, showed attendees how to sign up for MU Alert so if any incident involving public safety were to occur, they would be notified.

The trainings will continue Tuesday, noon to 1 p.m. and Wednesday, 4 to 5 p.m. in room BE-5 in the Memorial Student Center. The sessions are free and open to all Marshall students, faculty and staff.

Monday’s training was live streamed and archived on Marshall’s website for those who could not attend.

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